The WiLo Crew

Leah Founder | CEO

WiLo & Co. was founded in 2010 by CEO and Lead Designer, Leah Williamson. Leah has over 15 years of Design, Branding, PR and Marketing experience; which she leverages when creating with her clients. Outside of design, Leah is an advid traveler, podcast host, artist and mom.

Eric CFO | CIO

With over 20 years experience in IT Support and Development, Eric is an invauable tech asset and leader at WiLo & Co. He also enjoys traveling, sports and creating custom computer applications.


I live in the beautiful country of Belize with the love of my life my baby boy. I am very hardworking , friendly and a highly motivated person. I truly believe that hard work and dedication is whats necessary to live a good life. Some of my many hobbies include, reading, volunteering, socializing with the many people I meet on a daily basis and of course bringing a bit of happiness to the people that I love. Working at WiLo & Co has open many opportunities for me not only as a single mom, but as an individual that thrives for success in life.

Anton Design Manager

Anton is a designer, developer, and problem solver. She is skilled at creating modern websites, beautiful user experiences, logos, brands, and all kinds of graphics – whether for digital or print. She is inspired by good stories, bold visuals, and technical innovation, which she imbues in her design work to provide outstanding creative solutions for clients. Out of the office, she likes to read, discover new music, and illustrate for fun.

Erik Jr. Designer

Erik is a young entrepreneur with aspirations of starting a non-profit for troubled and displaced youth. Despite just graduating from High School, EJ has 5 years of Graphic & Web Design experience and adds a youthful eye to the team. Outside of design, EJ loves playing basketball, video games and the occasional modeling gig.

Ryan IT Specialist

Born and raised in San Pedro, Belize, Ryan from an early age found a passion for technology and geek culture. As a huge pop culture and gaming fan, it inspired him to start spending most of his nights teaching himself how to use technology to create fun projects. Eventually technology became apart of his professional life starting in IT Departments and freelance Web development. What I love about being with WiLo & Co is that it allows me to spend everyday working with my passions while working with amazing people, with the freedom of being in a remote environment.

Victoria Social Media Manager

Victoria is originally from Texas but is currently living abroad in Belize. She is a huge foodie and has worked with many restaurants in recipe development. Victoria is a Photographer and Graphic Designer with over 5 years experience.

"I really love creating, and bringing concepts to life."

Larry Jr. Sales Manager

With over 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience, Larry brings a expert level of sales tactics and client engagement to the crew. He is an avid runner, snow boarder, and "outside sports" enthusiast.

Medi Community Engagement Manager

Medi, is a second-generation immigrant rising in Memphis, TN. She’s passionate about transforming ideas into captivating designs. Communication has always been a strong attribute of hers, and with the help of WiLo, she is able to reach out to many individuals and assist them to gain knowledge about the resources WiLo offers. Outside of work, Medi is all about the beauty industry and women empowerment.

Angelika Public Relations Specialist

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