Apr 23, 2023 | Tips

No Idea? No Problem! with our CEO Leah Williamson


Written by Diona Ballard

We gotta admit that in the current digital age, social media has made it so easy to connect and discover new creatives and art-forms across all mediums extremely easy. Despite all that easy access, it can be quite difficult as a creative to not get overwhelmed with developing new ideas or comparing yourself to the next creative. We even find that it can be difficult to pull ourselves out of a creative drought. Our CEO, Leah Williamson has some ideas on what to do when you’re in a creative funk.

1. Walk Away:  ​

Sometimes when we’re working on a project and it’s not coming together it’s good to step away because it can give us the space to think differently or gain new inspiration elsewhere. “Sometimes when you’re in the middle of it all you only see what’s wrong with it,” says Leah.

2. Look For Inspo:

Leah says listening to music and googling new ideas is always the best way to go! “There’s nothing new under the sun – So researching new ways or innovations will help to give you some inspiration.”

3. Ask For Help:

I asked Leah if she gains inspiration from talking to other people and she says she is very inspired by her loved ones. “It’s important to have people around you who think differently than you and to have people you can bounce ideas off of!” She says.


“Creativity is not an absolute, it’s a process”
– Leah Williamson

4. Scrap It / Start Over:

Sometimes what we want so desperately to work out, just doesn’t. Leah says sometimes throwing an idea away and starting over is just what we need to gain new insight on another idea. Don’t be afraid—START OVER!

5. Go Find Your Happy Place:

​“Whatever your happy place is—whether it be a glass of wine or just going outside- let inspiration come to you instead of forcing it.”  Says Leah. It’s important to experience life all around and be present in all you do. You’ll always find someway to be inspired by being present. Keeping an open-mind and remain visually stimulated is a helpful tip as well!

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