A Business Start-Up Course + Competition for High School Aged Youth.

Do you have what it takes to build something EPIC? IF so… you’ve come to the right spot. 

This course helps youth cultivate their “Idea” into a “Reality” through a 6-week, in-person, interactive course.

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EPIC Highlights:

6-Week Course

Meet In-Person with other aspiring Entrepreneurs every THURSDAY. *Meals Provided

$20 Refundable Registration Fee

Interactive Learning

We take a “Hands-on” approach and bring in Specialist for each course. Learn from the BEST and apply it to YOUR business…


I know. I know… this homework is part of building your business plan and walking away in 6 weeks with a COMPLETE business ready to Launch! 

Pitch Competition

Invite your friends & family to cheer you on as you compete for the Top 3 Prizes! An elite panel of “Sharks”, including potential investors and business owners, will judge our competition.

Over 10K in Prizes

EVERY student walks away with a solid business plan, but our Top 3 have the opportunity to leave with over 10K in cash and prizes! 


Ready for your close-up? Bluff City LIVE with Gina Neely will host the Top 2 students on TV! Yes, you will have the opportunity to share your business with the entire City of Memphis! 


What's the BIG Idea

Ready to be an Entrepreneur? We explore what an “entrepreneur” is,  your business ideas and how to make your idea standout. Learn about SWOT Analysis, challenges, market saturation and YOUR Entrepreneural style.

Time For Research

It’s time to validate your business idea by doing a little reaseach. Is there a demand for your business? What’s the market size? Who is your ideal customer? How do I price my product/service? Is my business name available? and more….

Securing The BAG

How will you find your business? Learn about different funding sources, how to apply and secure their funding. 

Every business needs a budget and business plan… start off with a strong foundation.


Branding + Marketing

Now that your business is planned, and researched  with possible funding options… let’s focus on your BRAND!

Learn how to IDENTIFY, CREATE and MAINTAIN your brand and market it via Social Media, SEO and more!

Pitch Prep

Time to bring everything you’ve learned together for your ULTIMATE Pitch! We’ll go over public speaking, your specific presentation, rubric for the competiton and so much more! 

We want you FOCUSED and READY for Pitch Night in front of our Investors Panel. 


1st Place
  • $1,000 Minimum Cash Prize
  • Bluff City Life TV Pitch
  • Laptop + Case
  • Website
  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Any Investor Gifts/Funding
2nd Place
  • $500 Minimum Cash Prize
  • Bluff City Life TV Pitch
  • Tablet + Case
  • Business Cards
  • Any Investor Gifts/Funding
3rd Place
  • $250 Minimum Cash Prize
  • Business Cards
  • Any Investor Gifts/Funding 


Announced Soon!

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