May 9, 2023 | Branding

Brand Colors and their Emotional Meanings


Written by Diona Ballard

When it comes to branding, not all colors are created equal. Different colors carry different associations for all of us. People are constantly making a decision on whether or not to engage with your brand whether they’re familiar with it or not. Choosing the right colors are extremely beneficial and knowing what each color means is equally important. Below we’ve provided some popular color examples that can be helpful in choosing what’s best for your brand.

Calming, confidence, dignity, loyalty, trustworthy.

Blue is most common with finance, insurance, government, and medical companies for its authoritative appeal and ability to evoke success and security. Safety & security is most associated with this color.

Exciting, stimulates hunger, impulsive

Businesses like Coke and McDonald’s are most notable in this case for using the color red in their brand colors. The color red is most associated with action and impulse. Red draws people in, it’s attention-getting. News anchors and presidential candidates wear red ties as subtle references to authority. Red is used in ad design to draw attention to important details, and research has recently shown that red opt-in buttons have been linked with higher “opt in” rates on sales and landing pages versus any other color.

Joyful, curiosity, happiness, warmth

Yellow conveys optimism. The color is associated with playfulness and happiness. Moreover, it is a color that is easiest to spot from a distance at night. Known as a cheery, stimulating color, yellow makes us feel good, and puts us in a good mood. It’s also been known to increase appetite, encouraging people to eat more. It’s another color used extensively in logo design for food outlets.

Expensive, nobility, regal

Purple is a blend of red and blue, and is viewed to have confidence and warmth.Purple usually represents royalty and majesty. It is often associated with spirituality and mystery.

Black + White
Distinctive, serious, and authority

Black and white is mostly considered sophisticated and classic. Most logos that use these colors lean more on the minimalist side of aesthetics.

In conclusion, emotions are powerful and have the ability to drive decision making. Brands want to cultivate strong emotional connections with their customers and this can’t be done with just a logo; colors are needed to cultivate these emotions. So, what colors will you choose?

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